hello human wellness east

29 everitt rd

Our first wellness location situated just a stone’s throw way from our pedigree puppies boutique at 270 Joo Chiat and is a one stop eco-system for all things wellness to do with your puppy.

From daycare to grooming to hotel staycations and a specially curated supplies store, all fully self automated and self serving!

We are excited to for you to come be apart of wellness for future pets in Singapore!

hello human

270 joo chiat

Started with a vision to bring a new approach for the entire pet industry in Singapore from traditional (along with traditional ways and processes) to futuristic (process driven, accountable, seamless, automated, fuss-free)

You see this with our deep processes from hygiene and cleanliness within our locations to our customer service and support all with a major focus on growing happy, healthier and more sustainable pets which means happier and healthier owners as well!

holistic animal health centre

40 siglap dr

Discover the world of Health for Futuristic Pets at Animal Health Centre.

We began with a vision of sustainably improving the quality of life for your beloved pets. Utilising the latest innovations in technology with a holistic approach, our highly-trained team of professionals will help detect & manage various issues that may occur throughout your animal’s life. From preventative therapies to post-operative care, recovery & more, we aim to give your animal their best holistic care for a happy, healthy and long pain-free life!"


If you are interested in being a part of the future of pets with Hello Human Group, hit us up to hear more of our vision and future plans:

Please contact us at +65 966 22 666 or find out more info at hellohuman.group